NWA 7023 Meteorite - 103g Main Mass

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Discovered in 2003, this is an absolutely beautiful Polymict Eucrite. It's a large 103 gram (Main Mass) end block featuring 2 cut faces which display a beautiful inner matrix.  

Petrography: (A. Love, App) Breccia consisting of 2.4-6.0 mm angular to subrounded clasts of dominant (~22 vol.%) fine- to medium-grained cumulate-textured eucrite, subordinate (~7%) fine-grained variolitic-textured eucrite, granulated and glassy breccia clasts, and vitrophyric clasts set within a finer grained fragmental matrix of plagioclase, augite, pigeonite, orthopyroxene, ilmenite and troilite.

Geochemistry: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) Unexsolved pigeonite (core Fs38.4Wo7.3, rim Fs53.9Wo6.1, Fe/Mn=28-31). Exsolved pigeonite consists of host orthopyroxene (Fs47.7-55.1Wo5.6-4.8, Fe/Mn=27-29), with exsolution lamellae of clinopyroxene (Fs23.0-26.8Wo39.8-41.5, Fe/Mn=27-28).