Meteorite Gift Display Cube - Campo del Cielo

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An original creation from the Natural History Lab, we produce these unique displays in-house to provide a safe, yet attractive presentation for our products.

This display features an authentic fragment from the Campo del Cielo meteorite fall in Argentina approximately 5,000 years ago.  It's name translated to "Field of the Sky"--the natives of the region recognized that this material was not of Earthly origin, and named it as such.

What's special about this display is that it can be safely and easily opened at anytime and the meteorite fragment can be removed to be held and shared with others, then placed back inside for safe keeping.  THESE MAKE TERRIFIC GIFTS, and are among our most popular items.  We also have these cubes available with other meteorites and minerals--be sure to search our site to see what's in-stock!

Each purchase will contain a specimen, similar to the one pictured.  Please keep in mind that each fragment is unique, but we guarantee that you'll be happy with your purchase, or we'll make it right!  Inside each clear case is a label identifying the meteorite, as well as a rare-Earth neodymium magnet to hold it in place.

Although known to natives of the region prior, Campo del Cielo was first documented in 1576 when Spaniards invaded the region.  Meteorite fragments recovered were sent to sSpain on ship where they were melted and used to produce various items, including, likely weapons.

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