Kilabo - 17.2g LL6 Chondrite Meteorite Fragment

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This is a perfect representative of the Kilabo meteorite fall.  The stone weighs 17.2 grams and has fresh, black fusion crust covering 50% of the stone, with the light, contrasting matrix exposed on the other 50%.

History: Mr. Mallam Yahava Muhammad of Hadejia, Nigeria, observed a brilliant fireball moving south to north. Two loud detonations were heard several minutes later. Mr. Mallam Audu and several neighbours in Kilabo heard the stone fall and later recovered it. The meteorite was found in the crater measuring 35 cm wide by 20 cm deep in sandy soil. The meteorite had fragmented on impact into many pieces, the largest of which was 2.2 kg.  Stones were recovered in five villages in the region, with the largest piece in Kilabo.

Classification: (P. Sipiera, Harper; M. Zolensky, JSC): olivine, Fa31.1, CaO <0.09, predominantly <0.05. Low Ca-pyroxene, Fs27.1 PMD = 0.02. Abundant coarse-grained plagioclase, mainly An84Or5, ranges from An61Or25 to An86Or3. Coarse-grained diopside and troilite are abundant; pentlandite is a minor phase. The meteorite is brecciated, with thick black shock veins present. Shock stage is S3, weathering grade is W0.