Dar el Kahal - 129g H5-6 Meteorite Full Slice

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Large and in charge is the theme to this slice of Dar el Kahal, a recent find from a few years ago near Gao, Mali.  Weighing in at 129 grams, this full slice measures approx. 222mm x 115mm x 3mm (or about 8 5/8" x 4.75" x 1/8").  With a large surface to weight ratio, this gorgeous slice offers a lot of bang for your buck!

This slice has been coated with an acrylic on one side to enhance and reveal finer, subtle details in the matrix.

History: A first individual, completely covered by black fusion crust, was found by a nomad while searching for historical artifacts near the former salt mines of Taoudenni, northern Mali. During the following systematic search many fragments totaling 85 kg were recovered from a strewn field about 10 km in diameter.

Petrography: The meteorite is an H type breccia consisting of completely recrystallized type 6 and less intensely recrystallized type 5 fragments. The latter contain delineated chondrules. The meteorite is strongly shocked (S4), i.e., olivine shows mosaicism.