Our Friends

As a small business, your patronage helps to support our family on an intimate level. Traveling around our home state (Hawaii) and across the US to sell meteorites at conventions, trade and craft shows, we have the pleasure of getting to meet and become friends with other small business owners and artisans, who, like us, are proud of the products they sell and are working hard to ensure heir business grows so they can support their families.  Nobody can pay to be on this list, rather, I have created it as an homage to my friends who work hard and provide great products and service that I use myself.  Every business that you see listed here is family owned, and I patronize each one myself and ask your consideration in giving them an opportunity to share their products and services with you.


Butterfly Kisses Hawaii

This is the website of my wife's business.  Anne is an amazing mother to our children, terrific wife and hard working woman!  In the late of the night after the kids and I have gone to sleep, she works diligently to produce beautiful hand-crafted jewelry using meteorites, minerals, fossils and artifacts that I procure.  She is developing quite a following in the local craft scene and if you're looking for out of this world jewelry, you've found the right place.

AZ Meteorites

John of AZ Meteorites is a terrific resource for beginners and those looking for affordable gift-giving meteorites.  He has perhaps the largest selection of meteorites for sale on eBay at any given time of any meteorite dealer in the world.  An all-around nice guy and avid hiker, when it comes to business, he's flexible for combined shipping and is super easy to communicate with.

Big Kahuna Meteorites

Gary, aka the Big Kahuna offers a wide variety of meteorites, with particular focus on uncommon and exotic subtypes.  With dozens of weekly listing on eBay, Gary's sure to have something to whet any collector's pallet.  Gary has spent (and continues to spend) a lot of time in educational outreach and volunteer programs exposing young minds to meteorites and space science.

KD Meteorites

Like my sister from another mother, Dana and her husband Keith offer high quality meteorites with an emphasis in pallasites and irons.  Keith works magic on his equipment, producing the finest slices of gemmy meteorite slices that you'll find anywhere.  Best of all, they have developed a proprietary stabilization process that I have personally tested in Hawaii's harsh salt-air climate and they withstand it unlike any other treatment I've ever seen.

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements (Phoenix Shaving)

Douglas and Frances are the soapmakers (and scent-ologists) behind Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. They are passionate about creating soaps, aftershaves, and more that enhance your wet shaving routine and make it an experience, not a chore.  I have become a believer after trying their products and am never going back to cartridge razors!