About Us

The Natural History Laboratory is a full service lapidary, preparation service, and resource for collectors and institutions seeking authentic meteorites, fossils, minerals and crystals.

Although hunting and collecting meteorites since 1996, our presence as a preparation facility and source for collector specimens began in 2009.  Since then, our business has grown steadily through the years, creating an impact on the collector and institutional communities alike.

To date, the Natural History Laboratory is responsible for the contribution of more than a dozen classified meteorites available to scientists, educators and collectors around the world, including the first-ever discovered LL3 Regolith/Group Breccia.

Spearheaded by Matthew Martin, our business is a family affair.  Matthew is involved in every aspect of the business and if you've visited us at a trade or collector's show, you've probably met him.

Anne, Matthew's wife, is responsible for developing and creating all of the beautiful jewelry offered by the company.  It's all (well, most!), of the jewelry is made by Anne herself.  Admittedly, she does get inspiration from their cat, Honey Girl (a Russian Blue), who lays with her while she works.  

Matthew's mother, Linda, is the resident in-house glass artist.  She blows and frameworks borosilicate hard-glass into amazing pendants and art (and aliens and space critters too!).  

 Thank you for reading about us and visiting our site.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something special and custom.