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Northwest Africa 1664


Find 2002 

Achondrite (howardite) 

A very fresh, fully fusion-crusted single stone of 6310 g was found by local people in the desert of the Hamadah Tounassine region in Algeria near the town Tabelbala. Later on, it was purchased by A. Pani (Pani). Mineralogy and classification (F. Brandstätter and C. Lorenz, NHMV): the meteorite is a polymict breccia consisting mainly of mineral fragments, lithic clasts (diogenitic and eucritic), chondrule-like objects and (devitrified) glass fragments embedded in a fine-grained clastic matrix. Pyroxenes (En13–80Wo1–40) and feldspars (An80–95) cover the compositional range typical for howardites. Chondrule-like objects and glass fragments have sizes up to 1 cm. Specimens, type specimen, 258 g, NHMV; main mass, Pani.

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