NWA 6963 Meteorite End Cut (MARS) - 108.4g

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NWA 6963 is a new Martian shergotitte that is the closest in composition to Shergotty than any other meteorite analyzed to date. It had the unfortunate timing of being found just after Tissint fell in 2011, and was overshadowed. In July of 2012 I had the opportunity to acquire one of the larger stones recovered--a 249.4 gram monster! After posting pics of the complete stone, I was contacted by individuals asking if I intended to have slices produced. Knowing that there was an interest in this beautiful and rare material, I had the stone cut in half, and had 23 slices and 2 end blocks produced from one half of the stone. Expertly prepared by Marlin Cilz of Montana Meteorite Laboratory on his state-of-the-art wire saw, all slices are lightly polished on one side and have crust/natural edges on 75% of the edge (3 of 4 sides...only one edge is cut). These slices are very thin (~1mm) and so the surface area to weight ratio is huge! Some of these are the largest slices (by surface area) that I have seen available on the market. These slices are all that I will be offering. For increased detail, click images to see enlarged versions.  


In preparation for the 43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in 2012, a research abstract was published on NWA 6963 by N.V. Wilson, C. B. Agee, and Z. D. Sharp of the Institute of Meteoritics and Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico. It can be accessed for free here: NWA 6963 Research Abstract 

To see pictures of the complete stone prior to cutting, Click Here
To see the data plot for Oxygen Isotope Analysis of NWA 6963, Click Here
To view the Meteoritical Bulletin entry for NWA 6963, Click Here

This slab features a beautiful slice which shows the attractive matrix and presents a fusion crusted edge.  The case protects the meteorite fragment and allows for safe handling without worry or fear of contaminating or losing the piece.  The slab reverse displays a the Certificate of Authenticity that is specific to this specimen and contains a unique holographic serial number which is recorded in our database for authentication and provenance.

Slice weight is 108.4 grams

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